Big storms in TX and OK yesterday


We’ve been very active this morning with the storms in TX and OK. A nice start to the storm season seeing hail this large in February.


Yep,same here!!! Plus it looks like the Columbus area is going to get some high winds tonight too! Contractors trying to get the jump on the storm right away!


You have to be joking me.


GTP. . . I think it is a joke because I am laughing incredibly hard… rediculous


unbelievable they are like leaches


We’ve been providing hail reports and storm damage reports for 14 years. We provide a quality service to all of our clients. Not sure why we would be considered leeches. Most of our clients are local roofers and contractors that use us to maximize their revenue. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that and if you do it is unfortunate.


We are in a recession. I’ll take all the storm work I can get. You could hear contractors cheering around here about the high winds. Truth be told we all just don’t want to see people get hurt. But it is what it is. HAIL TO THE STORM GODS I SAY!


been on one in the Huntsville area that was pretty busted. probably had golf ball size.


This is storm chasing helpers. Kinda like santas bad elfs. If i need someone to tell me that its going to hail i think thats what my local news guy is for. Unless you want to know whats happening across the country then it might be worth it but then you are a storm chaser. With that IMO a bad thing.


Not necessarily. Your local TV meteorologist is not going to provide you with the path of where hail hit. There is nothing wrong with local companies having as much information as possible when a storm hits. Go to and look at the HailSWATH reports we produce. Many local companies purchase and use these reports so they are not wasting time driving all over creation looking for hail. In the case of the 2/10/09 storms we have created HailSWATH reports for San Antonio, Stephenville, TX and all of Oklahoma. Most of the reports have been purchased by local companies.


If hail it’s my area I know about it. Why you ask CAUSE I LIVE HERE. In that case the storm chasers don’t know the area or the people. Therefore they need your service. I DON’T JUST SHOW UP CHASING THE HAIL LIKE THEY DO. Any contractor will know where the hail storm was in there area. IMO if you were honest with us you would say majority of your clients are storm chasers. I’m sure you have plenty of repeat customers (storm chasers).