Bidding war

not really crying tar, more like bitching and it seems to be getting worse around here.i explaned to them why they needed decking,no one else did and irefuse not to re-deck.but that is my bottom dollar.and like i said i can still make a small profit which is better than a loss any day. happy to here things aren,t so dreary where your at

I hear you. Some jobs you just won’t get though. That’s the price for not compomising job quality. Try and feel good that although the other guy is getting the job he will most likely be losing that money later on due to a being bad mouthed by that same customer, a law suit or worse. But seriously if the guys are cash pocketing fly by nighters call OSHA on them or turn them in for operating without a contractors liscense, no workers comp, whatever.

tar, this is indiana,talking about the wheels of justice moving slow,by the time anyone from osha got involved these people will no longer be in busness.this is a small rural area and people hear oh so and so did my roof.they don,t care about taxes insurance and god forbid profit.these are professional people and hey my second daughter is in collage,teaching the son the ropes of the busness but kind of feel like ali on the ropes right now lol,and he was and is the greatest