Bid HIGHER Than Everyone Else and Still Get the Job!


wow…you are smarter than everyone in the world…you wasted 30 contractors time to give you a price…?? customers like you are the reason i am in commercial roofing not residential…whenever i run into someone like you (and you are really easy to spot, you just don’t know it because you think you know more than everyone…lol) i double my price and walk away…this would account for the “high bidders” that you run into…reputation means everything…case closed



To Blanchard. The number of sq’s is that you have calculated are your information. It is “Proprietary” information. You did the work, you own the numbers.
A few years ago it got REAL bad for me. When someone asked “how many squares” was on their roof. If I said "27 " (or whatever) it was “Thanks good-bye” and and a quick hang up.

In reality it was Good-Bye Stupid, thanks for the info.

I tell them now I don’t price by the square.
I don’t promise free estimates
It’s my informmation on # of squares.

Unless I’m in a good mood. I’ve had to get smarter faster in the last couple of years as Ye Olde Honor System is BROKEN



In proposals I don’t list how many squares it is. My price is for the completed job I am not going to charge the customer more if its not the exact squares that I measured and I am not going to give them money back if it is less that what I measured.



I never give out that information.



Tell me your options Joe 123? How are the corners on your windows made? Do you know the difference? I know very little about windows and I’d bet ya a thousand bucks I know more than you about them. 30 estimates? Forget about high bidders, lets talk about tire kickers…



guess he never heard of the “Ass hole factor” that is times two or even three. maybee the bumber sticker should say somthing else




I agree with alot of things said here. i agree some people bid high no matter the job. I agree some people bid high because of the customer. I agree that I bid higher than most on my projects and get them. I know why it is simple. I get more from my reputation. I get more for my licensing. i get more for my insurance. I get more because I do the job exactly as stated and usually throw in a few extras. People pay more because I am honest and do know how to sell myself. all my business is referral.People know what they are getting. I also am honest to the consumer. I will tell them straight out, I will be more expensive then most. I use the best material they can afford. I train every employee to be the best they can be. No loud music, Yes, please and No thank yous. The site is cleaned daily. No Swearing on site. I am not some fly by night shoddy workmanship company. I expect more money. I also give lifetime or Life of product warrenties on Workmanship.

The main factor people pay me more is they trust me. I wouldn’t give a per square price or even tell them how many squares are on a roof. I know I ain’t gettting the job if they don’t already trust me. Why waste my time. If in the first meeting someone asked me I would probably tell them. I also never ask to see the contract of the competition. Neither do any of the salesmen I work with/for.I know what my costs are and know that no matter what someone else charges my cost won’t change. I convert 90% of my referral leads and maybe 5% of new customer leads. I do get a number of repair calls after someone i talked went with someone else and they screwed it up. I try to fix simple things for no money/guarentee or at cost and I tend to get a lot of referrals from these calls because they tell their friends about the service I did after they tried to go for price only.

Anyways what a rant I am done now



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post in classifieds. you arent offering advice you are looking for customers.



Do you need advice?



what are your credentials? or are you just collecting subscriptions?



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