Bid advice

hi, my husband recently opened his own business and has about 5 years experience. he was just asked to give a bid on a 1740 farmhouse that is 2 story, 10/12 pitch(to my knowledge), 40 square with 4 dormers and two additions. they want all the metal bent on site. he’s thinking of $60,000 for the bid…does this seem too high or low? it’s also about an hour and 15 minutes away. we are in southern va. thanks for all the help/ advice on this!!

Sounds kinda low for a slate roof.

it’s steel, 26 gauge…roll formed…and the customer wants it done at the jobsite.

How did he arrive at the figure?

What experience in that type of metal does he have?



As Ed stated “How did he come up with that figure?”

Is your husband providing materials? If so make sure that he does a proper take off on the roof. There are many flashing details with 4 dormers and the additions. You have eave,rake,headwall,sidewall,valley metal and ridge. Is there a sheet metal shop near you that can bend all the flashings or will you have to buy a 10’ brake to bend the metal?
Are you renting a panel machine? I think they are pretty expensive(25-40k) to buy. Make sure that you get the proper clips for the panel i.e. snap-lock clips or regular standing seam clips. If the panel is SS and not snap-lock you will need at least 1 hand seamer for the tops and bottoms of the panels. An electric seamer would be preferable for the field.(I spent part of a day hand seaming about 25- forty foot panels :cry: )
You will need closures for the headwall flashing and the ridge. Is it vented? if so you should use vented foam closures if not use solid closures. You will need to caulk the closures into place using a flexible seal type caulking.
We caulk all our panel ribs here and we also caulk the panels to the eave metal. Since you are in southern Va you should not need to caulk the ribs. If you are north of Roanoke then I would caulk them.
You should also purchase several finger clamps(helps hold panels together) and some spring hand clamps(clamp to rib to hold your tools).
Battery powered impact guns by Dewalt are what we use to install clips and the colored screws.

Hope this info helps. Here are a couple of links to suppliers that we use.

I forgot to add that if he is tearing the old off he should have a clause about rot repair. We use the time and material method.

I listed everything that I could think of that you would need to do the roof. Make sure you look at all the variables.


the $60,000 includes all of the materials and machines needed, besides the brake which we already have and the hand seamer which we already have. it also includes our profit since the job will probably take approx. 2 months. as for his experience, his former employer had 30 years copper experience and he did metal work with him alot. we’ve just never bid on it when they want it formed at the job site. thanks for all the help!

hi, just wanted to thank y’all for the advice and help…i guess his bid was too high- they found a roofer who will hand bend all 40 squares and do everything else for $20,000. :frowning: thanks again!


When they call him back to fix it. Charge them what you would have made if you did the job.