Best way to flash gable roof peak to wall interface

Hi all,

I’m trying to figure the best way to flash the peak of a 4/12 gable roof where it intersects with a perpendicular wall… I’m in Seattle, so there is plenty of rain to keep out and test the solution.

Does someone make a flexible “peak” flashing of some sort? Or should I solder two pieces of cut & formed copper step flashing together?

I’m worried about the resulting intersection at the base of the flashings - even if I cut halfway along the 90º of step flashing and bend the lower halves to overlap, there is still that tiny hole where the edges will meet.

I’d prefer a “hard” solution to a “soft” one such as using some type of sealant, etc.

Thanks in advance!

I will cut the first piece so the cut is at the peak and cut edge is along the wall. When I fasten it I will cheat it up the wall a little bit. Then I cut a piece that overlaps that one, against the wall. If you get get lead that will work best. Stick a dab of urethane caulking under the second piece of metal.

Do you have an overhang above this ridge on the roof above, if so, how big is it and how far above the ridge intersection? These things often will limit weather exposure in these locations.

Picture would be great. When the roof ends at the peak, does it hit a wall or is there nothing?

Flashrite corner flashing.

[quote="-Axiom-"]Flashrite corner flashing.[/quote]

that flashrite stuff rocks. When you told me about it last I called all suppliers in my area, no one has them. Special order in a large #

Have you looked at Home Depot or Lowes?

Try the where to buy section on their website.

No pictures, but here’s CAD drwaings of the area where the lower roof intersects the sidewall. I drew in the intersection area hidden by the eave on the lower picture…

There are two other intersections like this - this one has the greatest roof to eave distance, it’s about 5 feet. The others are between 3-4 feet. The eave overhangs 16"

The Flashrite looks it it’s only for 90° corners? Even if you use it sideways, it’s still got that fixed 90° - Would work if it was a 12/12 roof!

Standard Roofing 101 'Scissor-lock.

Ok, so you are talking where the peak of the lower roof meets the wall? You could turn Axiom’s piece sideways… I’ll have to take some pics and show you a step by step. It is kinda hard for me to explain.

Is the flashrite compatible with copper? Copper is soft enough you can peen an overlapping piece to cover the pinhole if you don’t want to solder it.

It’s standard procedure most everywhere I’ve been. Don’t nail either piece until cap time. Just lay the last one in place, run the other side, adjust for fit and lock both together. No opening to deal with. Permanent solution not reliant on caulk or felt.
I put a dab on the underside and topside in the corner to hedge my bets.

BTW, It’s the same way valleys are locked together.

The flashrite will bend as needed.

You will probably need to do it the way Tinner pictured, that’s what I do if I am out of flashrites or just too lazy to go get one out of the truck.

Just another view showing how the pieces interlock so neither can move independantly of the other.

No special trick to it.

Same way i do it Tinner…

me too… :wink: isn’t that how everyone does it…

Thats the way I do it. But believe me, I’ve seen people not do it.

well SDWA,
i dont think ive ever had someone worry about that little pinhole your talkin bout. add you drawings and i tend to beleive that you worry to much.
squirt a little caulkin ont it and move on.

good stuff as usuall tinner.


I use a 8"x12" piece of lead folded up the wall and formed down over both sides eliminating the pin hole or seam.

Lead is the stuff. tinner, do you know anywhere to buy it in a roll around here? I have my folks bring it to me when they come to visit cause I hate roofing without it. Only been able to find it in 3x3 sheets around here.

I buy 3x3 lead sheet at Bradco. Not sure yet what will happen in Apr. when the new law takes effect though.