Best shingle for replicating shakes

I have a roof that is being replaced due to hail damage (covered by insurance). I have my choice between Tamko Heritage Vintage, Certainteed Landmark TL and Certainteed Presidential (not the TL version). For those that have seen these shingles installed, which does the best job of looking like a shake roof?

My house is a ranch style with a low slope roof and I’ll be going with a darker brown color. Any thoughts are really appreciated as there aren’t any homes with these shingles in my area that I can look at.

on a lower slope roof that doesnt have a high visual…just use GAF/ELK timberline prestique or CertainTeed landmark arcitectural shingles. you will never get the full effect of the presidentials or any other designer shingle.

Landmark TL is a great looking shingle.

I like the presidential shake but on a lower slope you will really not see the full effect. I would suggest the TLs in this case. I just love how those presidential’s look tho.

Landmark TL