Best Membrane Protection From Furniture



I am a property owner who allows his tenants to use the roof of a two car garage as outdoor space. They have some furniture, planters and grills up there to get the most out of the space. I am aware that these items can cause damage to the roofing surface (Modified Bitumen) and am looking for recommendations on what is the best, cost effective padding to place under the feet of these items to protect the modified. I know that ultimately the best way to protect the roof is to disallow use or build a deck, but the deck is too costly and I like offering the outdoor space to maximize rents. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!




Best thing to protect modified, far better than a deck, are interlocking rubber pavers. They lock together and can easily be removed for maintenance and roof replacement. They also have channels underneath so they do not interfere with the flow of water. We use ones made by soft surfaces.


MPA is correct. 24" x 24" x 2" high.


Thanks guys. This is extremely helpful.


I’m looking into these and they are quite expensive after shipping is involved due to weight of material. While durasoft is probably the best of the best, are there any other more cost effective materials you recommend?


I am sure you can find something cheaper but they are the only thing we have ever used. Pretty much only thing out there that doesn’t effect warranty, so as a roofing contractor we really don’t have a choice. We have to be able to stand behind what we sell.


10-4. Thanks again for the good info.