Best material for roof


Hi there! So our house is currently under construction. I just want to know which material is best to use when it comes to the roof? We’re prioritising durability over attractiveness, so you can suggest any roof design as long as it’s long-lasting. We’re going to start working with our London roofing contractors next month, so we want to finalise this as soon as possible. Thanks for your help!


The most expensive options will be the ones that last the longest, Slate & Copper.


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Treated cedar shakes installed properly are a very good roof as well.


As mentioned by Axiom…also quite expensive.


If you like asphalt…these are beautiful


Dunno guru, anymore a sq of 100% vg treated cedar is pretty close to the same price as a sq of decent slate, the slate will easily last 4x as long if not longer.

As far as the original post, copper and slate will last the longest and cost the most, galvalum, stainless, or aluminum standing seam also good choices, if looking at asphalt certainteed Grand manor will Outlast any shingle on the market in my opinion.


Grand Manor is a excellent asphalt choice for slate look. Presidential if ya want shake look…both will outlast most any adult…lol​:grinning::grinning:


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