Best approach to new roof + deck on flat roof/balcony area

Appreciate some help deciding which of several solutions to choose from roofer estimates

I have a rowhouse (mid-atlantic) with two 25’x15’ flat-roofed areas. Current roofs are starting to leak, both from the seems and from the flashing pulling away from the wall. One of them had a wooden deck built over it (not touching the roof - instead it was hung from joists connected to surrounding brick wall). I’ve torn up most of the deck to temporarily fix the leaks.

Roofers are proposing either TPO, EPDM or ‘firestone modified rubber product’ for the roofing material, and then either re-building the wooden deck or using rubber tiles (ecomax?) on top to provide the ‘foot-traffic’ surface. Another solution proposed is a ‘deck-rite’ material I’ve seen discussed in other posts - I believe that provides both the roofing material and serves as the walking surface, (it’s not on top of something like TPO) but I’m not sure.

Personally I like the look and feel of a wood deck, but it isn’t cheap, risks causing a leak during installation, and if a leak develops later requires pulling up to find and fix the leak. I like how the other solutions solve some of these problems BUT worry about (a) how much foot traffic and weight they (tpo or epdm+tiles or deck-rite) can actually take without damage to the roof, and (b) how they look/feel/smell, since this is an outdoor deck I’d like to regularly use for cookouts and other things - i’m picturing a rubbery smell and feel to it.

Appreciate any advice, thanks


rubbery smell? no. rubbery feel? probably. find a playground @ a local school or park to see if they used the rubber pads. the pads are the heavy item here.they weigh about 18 lbs per 2x4 ft piece.

tables chairs?
your going to need a deck(wood or composite) over your new roof.

do not get a knucklehead to do this project.