Best and worse roofing jobs


Hey guys new to the forum here. I have a small roofing company where I’m located and I just wanted to ask you guys a few questions.

What kind of roofing jobs do you absolutely despise?

What kind of roofing jobs do you absolutely love and would take on everyday if you had the option?

What is the HOLY GRAIL of roofing jobs?


roof replacements…
word of mouth only…
Our customer is our salesman.
People that have the money or they borrow it from their bank.
I do insurance jobs but only if the homeowner deals with them.
We only call the insurance companies to make sure they have all their requirements to release the funds.

But if i started getting slow, i would change tactics.
Rain has been steady for years!!


I would also say residential roof replacements are the best. Word of mouth is sort of hard to come by. I get alot of tear offs with insulation and creosote under the shingles. Id say that’s the worst