Bay window framing question

Hey all, I’m looking for some expert help. I’m trying to frame a roof over a bay window. I don’t like the traditional hip style roof with a flat top, and I’d really like to have it form close to a peak. the problem is if the center window is approximately 53" x 53" the angled portions are only 23" x 53". None of this makes much sense to me. I’m a DIYer and haven’t got a clue how to describe what I want exept on paper, where none of it makes any sense.

ok, so if I attempt to use a 6/12 pitch on both planes (really three) the intersection between the picture face and the casement face would appear on paper to represent a problem, with lots of complex cuts and still not resolving issues in the rafter alignment. Is anyone following?

The easiest way to achieve this is to frame a cantilevered ceiling past the top of bay, to allow for overhang. Then you rafter off the top of the ceiling with just level cut on bottom of rafter. This will allow you to get an even overhang,and have a set fascia to pull a string to any place you want to peak out. Hope you get it.

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Thanks Gweedo. I framed 100s of homes for 10 yrs, and found this to be the easiest way to do a bay. It makes it easier to do , especailly since the elavation plans make it look square on the face. It is then referred to be a Bastard,or Irregular roof,2 different pitches.

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