Base Wage / Plus $$ Per Bundle

Has anyone been successful in paying employees a conservative base pay and additional $$ per bundle installed? I’m trying to find a way to make my guys more accountable. Currently it seems that they are not performing to the best of their ability. Wages range from $15-22/hr. The $22/hr guys believe they are worth more because of seniority, but they also complain the most. Any suggestions? Thanks

I pay per square. I never had any luck with paying by the hour.

I’ve seen the fire and new hire trick work, plenty of times. Takes that ‘comfortable/unreplaceable’ mind frame away. Sometimes people are lazy, sometimes they are just in a funk. There is usually more than one person around who ‘deserves’ to be fired.

We pay by the hour. but I know what to expect from them. I will never again pay by the square, if you expect top quality and really mean it, it just dosnt work.

Paying the average Joe more money may not make him more accountable and perform up to best ability…
Higher performance is generally gained by the driving force of a strong field lead person coupled with clearly defined ongoing daily communication between the office/management and this field lead as to detailing what’s expected to be done…and, by all means, pay this lead more $ …also a bonus now and then would a good incentive.

More directly to the point…

1.Each crew must have a clearly defined lead person(foreman)

2.When the foreman on the job says drop and give me twenty-they do or else there go and look for other means of employment…if this is not so then you must find another foreman

3.You must pay this foreman much more than the $22/hour(that’s barely enough to pay for rent/car/bills/food etc. and if he has a wife and family then this is just barely enough to survive and certainly not enough for incentive to run your show

4.The office and field superintendent/project manager(if applicable) must be readily accessible to the field via telecommunication and, in response to all inquiries, must be decisive, calm and clearly spoken and above all be business like gentlemen…
If the office can provide a work order to the foreman (either verbal or written) which details the scope of daily/weekly work showing areas involved, materials to be used, detail drawings if needed to clarify application and scope of work, etc and, moreover, there must be office/management appearance on the job site daily(even if only for 5 minutes)… then production will be better

those are some great points Roofing Maven. Right On.

Great points.

We do not pay employees by the square or day or etc... only by the hour.  I will always put quality ahead of effiency.  Now with that said.  Each foreman is given a foremans sheet for each job that provides them with important info on the current job.  Which includes how many man hours were figured into the job.  The foreman and his crew then knows how long they have to complete that job.  If they beat those hours then there are preset bonuses.  The job will be inspected by the superior of that crew.  The inspection is graded on a scale of 1 to 10 ten being the best.  If that crew performs to a 9.8 or better and they consistently hit there hours at or below then once again that figures into thier bonus. If there score is lower than 9.5 then no bonus period.  In addition There is an inner competition within the company.  On a quartely basis the crew that has the best combined average score as well as the lowest hours per capita gets an additional bonus.  Trust me crews fight over this bonus and foremans fight over workers.
 Each employee must know what is expected of them personally.  We try to do monthly reviews on each employee(espcially skilled workers).  For example there is a road with guardrials on each side of it with a little room to swerve.  How much room depends on the employee.  They must know what is expected of them.
Since using this system we have actually maintained the same effiency with better quality than if are workers were paid by the square.  I personally think being paid by the sqaure is unfair.  Sometimes to the employee and sometimes the employer.  Just depending on the work conditions and type of job.