? Barrel tile for hips & ridges?

This has to be a Lousiana thing… I’ve never seen it anywhere else in the country. These are done on any kind of fibeglass shingle; 3T’s, Architectural, Presidentials, Alpines, Landmarks… doesn’t matter.

Can anyone explain this to me? Tar, you said you’ve worked in South Lousy-Anna (I was born in Shreveport, so I get some leeway on this…).

You also see this on all price points / all kinds of neighborhoods.

What’s the deal?

I lived on the North Shore, it’s a lot more popular on the other side of the lake in the New Oreans/Metarie areas. I’ve seen it here in New York it’s just more rare. No reason for it as far as I know just somebodys butt ugly idea of “style” I guess. Go figure.

Its done up here on occasion. metal ridge caps as well

A distinctive look.
Once in a while we get a request for a metal cap as well, it is rare though.

It used to be common in colo they would use the barrels from asbestos slate and ridge a 3-tab roof or t-locks with them always thought it looked ridiculous.

Kansas and Colo they also used shake ridge in the same applications.