Bad Standing Seam Installation? What now?


Update: Not sure whether to make this a separate thread or just add on here:

Winter is heavy upon us and…my roof is leaking.
It is causing wet marks in the drywall ceiling and dripping out of the wall in the garage. It appears to me the ridge is to blame: I’m not sure they actually did it right. I clammored up the roof today and noticed how easy it would be for snow and ice to melt and get up into the vent.

Being that I used the Amish, finding them after the job is the biggest drawback. I’m not sure what to do from this point. I’d like to use a different company but there are so few of them here in Syracuse New York.


Why would you not be able to find them? You used a legit roofing company right? I’m from PA, Amish are everywhere in my area. Their busineses are not as simple as people who don’t know amish tend to believe. They have cell phones, use modern tools, have necessary insurances, many even have websites.


P.s. post some pics of your ridge.


They are very hard to come by. They are not allowed to use cell phones. I have to call farmer Jim, who tells them to call me on a landline. They had a judge signed form telling me they didn’t have insurance. Uggghhhh. I’m starting to realize I shouldn’t have used these guys at all!

Anyway, I called a reputable company today and the owner has decided to come down himself. He said that it spends like they didn’t put a “butyl”? Strip around the Z channel under the ridge and that the ridge cap itself may not be long enough. I’ll try to get some pictures for you but it was near death getting up there today. Metal roofs in winter - baaaaaddddd.d


Legit contractors have cell phones and insurance weather they are Amish are not. As I said I grew up in Amish country and probably have dealt with 100s of them over the years. They are no where near as isolated from the rest of the world as TV would have you believe. I could easily give you links to 20 or so legit amish construction companies (with cell phones/insurance). If they are that difficult for you to get a hold of it’s not because they are amish, its because they are shysters.


Doesn’t this whole story boil down to the classic, “they were half the price of everyone else”?.


Yes this whole story does. I realize I’ve made a horrible mistake and hopefully sharing this keeps others from making the same.

That doesn’t change where I am right now.

Update: I’ve gotten hold of a reputable roofer who is coming out today or tomorrow, once the snow has melted and they can get on the roof.

I’ve also gotten hold of the Amish that installed the roof and they are coming out today. I fear they really won’t know what the answer is and just got silicone on it.

More wet spots are appearing. I’m starting to wonder if it is possible the space between the roof and the ceiling is vented correctly and it is actually condensation marks?

For sure though, I know they installed Z-Channel in the ridge cap and did not put the rubber underlayment on top of the zip board or caulk the Z-channel or ridge cap. Again, starting to wonder if they should have put a proper vented cap on.

I’ve included some pictures of the stains and cracks inside that are just popping up literally as I type this. We’ve gone from a high of -2 to 55 degrees here today in CNY.











If there is anyone that is an expert at standing seam, including proper venting, and is willing to drive to just south of Syracuse NY, please get hold of me. I’d be willing to pay for even just a consultation so I know what to do going forward.


Unfortunately this is the direction in which I think you should be looking – I’m Canadian so we deal with plenty of snow, and I would not expect that level of leakage even from a worst-case install on the ridge. (ie. no Z-bar at all, nevermind whether it’s caulked or not)

The staining around that bathroom fan intake is particularly suspicious to me.

I’d be prepared to revise this opinion if all of the staining is downhill from one or more of the exterior penetrations on the roof, especially those skylights, but it looks more generalized than that to me.


What kind of roof was on this house before the SS install?

Has there been any sign of moisture prior to this cold snap? (ie during rainstorms etc)