Bad Standing Seam Installation? What now?


Hi All,
I just had a Standing Sean installed on my roof. I went with some local Amish folks on a reccomendation from others.
As I watched two weeks go by, I started to notice what I think to be poor craftsmanship. Now, with the job 95% complete, it seems as if there are quite a few problems:

  1. Scratches in almost every panel, most down to at least the primer. Many down to bare metal. The second week, they had a new hire on the job, who had screws in his shoes to hold them together! None of them noticed all day until I saw him sliding down the roof and leaving scratches behind him. I was told a little touch up paint and it will all be fine. Now I’ve read touch up paint doesn’t do much for down to the metal scratches.

  2. Uneven cuts in siding. The leader told me that my siding needs replacing anyway and that hey weren’t able to cut straight because of that. It couldn’t be because of a Saw-Z-All cut? Nahhh.

  3. Flashing attached to rotted Fascia. I noticed some of my fascia is rotted. Again, the leader told me - Yep! It’s rotted. They can fix it all when they do my siding. Why didn’t they mention this before putting the roof on?

  4. Not sure if the skylights are flashed right or the chimneys. See pictures. Lots of silicone.

I’m unhappy with the whole process. Even the quote. Originally I was just going to do shingles and come back to the metal idea in 10-15 years. When they told me they could do standing seam and it was $20k less than the 3 $40k plus other quotes, I thought it sounded good. The price went up to 28.5k with new skylights, boards, and insulation. In the end, I wished I had paid more money to get a better job.

I’ve paid this guy $15k so far. They still have to put snow paws on and finish the chimney flashing. They are working on the chimney stuff now and it doesn’t look good either! The paws come in a few weeks. I don’t know if I am prepared to pay him the full price. I’ve never signed anything anyway. What should I do? Am I over reacting? I know I am at fault for not asking for enough references but this is crazy to me!

All images here: Link to all pictures


Looks great from 200 feet away…going to need to upload some pictures of the details you are referring to if you can. What type of standing seam is it? Mechanically double locked or snap lock?

Sounds like you have some legitimate concerns. Screws in shoes are on metal roof completely unacceptable.

Vertical wood siding is not the easies to tie into, cutting the siding to get behind it is the correct way to install the metal vs caulking it to the outside. That lack of communication on the siding and rotted sofit never helps. I always like to let the customer know whats going on asap because if they want to replace it, tearing it off in the beginning can make my job easier.

Metal work is all in the details. To do them right it takes time, time is money. Unfortunately I see too often when people get a great price on a metal roof the contractor cuts corners on the details. Let us see some more pictures and we will be able to give you some specifics on your concerns.


The forum controls are such that I’m only allowed to upload one photo per post as a “new user”. Not sure when I become a more seasoned user so please bear with me and I’ll make a bunch of replies.




Cut my siding to put the flashing behind it, but it has “wave” in it now. Also, scratched siding when pushing in flashing.






HApparently I’ve reached the maximum number of posts allowed by a “new user”. If anyone responds, ill post a response here and change up the photos to show more of what I have. I get more posts on 23 hours too - so there’s that - which is nice!

I know my siding is shot in many places - particularly the worst is this chimney. Siding is next years big project. I’m just posting this picture to show how they flashed it and then boxed and siliconed it.

EDIT - Thanks for all the comments. The skylights make me nervous for sure. He used the Velux metal skylights and metal flashing kit(EDM06 I think). I asked him several times if he thought he was doing it right. After watching the Velux metal flashing install video on YouTube and reading the directions, I realized the video was better but Amish can’t watch videos!!!

Oh and thanks for the Imgur idea! I’ve added all
Pix there. Link to all pictures

Oh and one last part - They used Zip Board and Tape for my new boards. No other underlayment except under the skylights. Does this sound normal? It looked pretty good to me. Just wondering.

Thanks again for the replies. Certainly makes me feel better that I’m not completely snookered!


You can use to host pictures.


The cuts in the siding might be a little ugly but appears that they got the metal up pretty high behind it. That is a good thing. More often than not you will see the metal not turned up high enough or just caulked to the outside.

I cannot tell exactly what they did with the skylights, but it does not look right. It almost looks like they glued a deck mount skylight on top of the pans. Typically I would head the bottom pans off with a horizontal pan that locks onto the full length pans on both sides of the skylight and turns up under the bottom flashing lip of the skylight. Then bend custom pans that run up under the flashing lip on the sides of the skylight and lock into the headed off pan across the bottom. Then bend a custom horizontal pan that locks onto the full side pans and locks over the top of the skylight similar to how a factory flashing kit does, then lock the upper pans onto the top horizontal pan.

There are other legit ways to do skylights, that is just how we do them, and it’s not quick, easy, or inexpensive.

Also cannot tell from the pictures what is going on with the top side of the chimney. Looks like you would want some sort of a cricket there to divert the water around the chimney instead of sitting there. Would also like to see the pans turned up higher.

It might need some fine tuning of the details, but your roof is by no means anywhere as bad as some of the standing seam jobs I have seen. Defently not there first metal roof,. I would discuss your concerns with the owner and see what they say.


I agree with MPA. Not that bad. The scratches can be fixed with touch up paint. Yes the paint doesn’t weather 100% the same so what I do is use a small brush to touch it up (def not just spray the area). Worst thing to me is the skylight, I would want to see some in progress pics of how it was done as the end product doesn’t impress me.


P.s. zip panels are designed so that you don’t need underlayment.


I have to
Say that every metal roof gets scratches during installation.
I’d even say it is impossible not to…
I would use their paint pen for the scratches
And also try to match paint as best as possible for the plumbing boots.
They got the flashing well under the siding.
That is good.
The only thing i see that i dont understand what they did was the skylights and chimney.
I’m not saying it is wrong.
I’m just saying the pics are not close enough for me and i didnt understand their particular installation technique.


The eave edges are also done correctly, that is another common place for people to cut corners.

Where are you located? What type of snow guards are they installing?


In Syracuse NY right across the road from a ski area - so yeah - lots of snow. Gonna have paws. A row of 2 at the bottoms and an extra row mid way up the main span.

I included some skylight pictures in progress in Imgur.


Make sure the snow paws they are using clamp onto the seam, the ones that glue into the panel don’t last long.


Don’t use the ones that scew into the panel itself either. They defeat the purpose of having a standing seam roof IMO.