Bad Roof Job - What to do?


I am at a complete loss, I hired a company that was well reviewed online and a member of the BBB, they had insurance and were a preferred contractor for Owens Corning. I thought I had done my homework, but apparently not… This is a long story that isn’t quite over yet, so bear with me.

So first they were supposed to come on Monday and no one showed, I called later in the morning and the owner told me that there was an issue with the shingle order and that they would be out the next day. He even told me he would come by later that day and drop off the materials so the crew would be able to get started right away, he did show that day, but not with materials. He needed to know what color shingles I ordered because he lost the proposal I signed.

It was fine though they came the next day and installed the new roof. There was a pretty large crew and they were done in only a few hours. I called the owner and he stopped by that afternoon and I told him that I thought our aluminum siding had some damage and that I didn’t like the way the flashing turned out, that it looked messy. He assured me that he would come up with a solution and come by the next day.

When my husband got home he decided he would go up to the roof and give it a quick once over - THANK GOD HE DID!

There were about a dozen exposed nails, the ridge nails were poorly caulked, he found that the decking that they replaced was not done in a full sheet and was not even nailed to the trusses (they just set it up there and shingled over it - you could see it from the attic) the flashing around the chimney was not replaced, but spray painted black, the siding was bend, scraped, and torn where the garage meets the house, they left a bunch of old shingles in the attic, and the box vents they removed were just holes that they shingles over.

So I waited the next day for him to show up, like he said he would… and nothing; he never came by or called. Then the next day (today-technically yesterday since it late) I called first thing in the morning and told him that I had a number of concerns and that I needed to speak with him. He did come by and he brought his crew. I was prepared with typed notes and pictures his crew got back up on the roof and worked for a few hours, he assured me that they would fix all of the issues.

It gets worse… so my husband gets home and goes back on the roof and in the attic, there are still exposed nails, ridge nails that aren’t caulked, the decking was replaced, but when they tried to nail it to the trusses, they missed the truss on every nail but one. And on some of the exposed nails where they were supposed to replace the shingles they just removed the nails, leaving HOLES in my roof!

Then they tried to “fix” the siding that was bent and scratched, they spray painted a huge part of the front of my home with spray paint that didn’t quite match the original color of my aluminum siding!

The owner said he will come back out and try to fix the issues, but should I let him? Instead of a small leak in my old roof, I now have a roof that will definitely leak in multiple places the first time it rains and spray painted siding. Should I just go after his insurance and call another contractor?


Bad communication always leads to further doubt.
I think you have a few issues.
But not everything youve said leads to alarm.

I think he did do more than remove the exposed nails.
I am sure of it. Other wise the roof would leak immediately under any big rain.

Yes, i do believe he nailed the sheeting.
Yes you are going to see sheeting nails missing the trusses, that is normal.

Rotten wood is not replaced in full sheets.
That is normal.

Some Roofing debris does fall in the attic.
That is normal.

How big were the holes left by taking the box vents out?
Are you sure they didnt cover it with metal?
Are are you saying someone can really just step through the hole with just paper and shingles on top?? I really dont think so,
But that would need to be corrected if it is the case. ( not likely)

No , i dont think he spray painted the siding.
You saw them spray painting the siding??
Im not totally positive but
I think Those are clean marks. If so
Now he needs to use the same cleaner across most of it.
He needs to know not to use that cleaner any more.
It gets the tar marks off successfully but leaves the siding too clean and shiny in those spots
It all needs to be wiped down with the same stuff to feather it out and make it match.
Hopefully not the whole wall.

Through my own trial and error i I have found that the best way to clean tar marks off garage doors and siding is Comet and a dry white towel.
First use the dry white towel.
It will take 70 percent of the mark.
Try that alone if you can.
Then use the dry towel with a little comet
Then rinse it off.


Luckily it hasn’t rained this week since the roof was put on, so we haven’t had to deal with water in the house yet. Some of the exposed nails were fixed correctly with the shingles replaced there are others that the nails were just removed…

The holes in the decking from the old vents look like this:

They told me they spray painted! And there is a little spray paint on the shingles:


None of the 3 pictures you posted are acceptable, mainly the pulled nails and box vents. They may have slid a piece of metal or ice shield under the shingles where they pulled nails, that is acceptable.

We always make it crystal clear to our customers what happens to aluminum siding when you tie into it correctly, which it looks like your roofer did. We always give them a price to replace the siding and if they do not want to we let them know it might not look the prettiest when we are done.


Mom, i see they used spray paint.
Ugh, what will they do now?

They didnt cover/fix the box vent hole.

Based on these things, they probably did not fix the exposed nails correctly.


They have some stuff they need to correct.

I wouldn’t hold out too much hope for the siding, it likely can’t be fixed in an acceptable manner.


Synthetic Rhino roof is the new decking!!
It is strong!
You wont step through it! That is true!
But it will eventually leak because fasteners are penetrating it.