Backlinks for website

I am trying to get back links for my site. I am new and just started and was recommended this as a place to go to get a link from. Would some body steer me in the right direction? Thank you so much

Who ever recommended you try that here was an idiot.


While backlinks are important for any website, you have to be careful about how you obtain them. If you hire someone that advertises that they can get you backlinks then it is likely that these backlinks could result in a google penalization that could really harm your website’s ability to get traffic. Since most of your business is probably local, then your best bet is to focus on optimizing your local profiles. Your top priority should be claiming and optimizing your Google My Business Profile, and Bing. Also, Linked In and FaceBook pages can help you to get traffic. If you have the time and skill then writing blog articles that offer helpful information that people are looking for can get you quality backlinks, but this takes time and the blogs have to be well-written and high-quality. I hope this helps. Good Luck and be careful if you hire someone to help you with SEO.

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