Azek Gutter

There is a lumber yard in Massachusetts that mills a custum Azek gutter that matches the profile of a wood gutter. I was skeptical at first but after using it I am convinced it is a great product. pvc glue in the miters and goose necks makes a strong watertight gutter that needs no maint. … dings.html

I’d like to know if you can recycle Azek before we fill the world with it. Fifty years from now the land fills may be stuffed with it. I’d like to see less plastics in the world.

I’d like to see it after golfball sized hail hit it.

I think golf ball sized hail would do the same thing to a wood gutter. Not that we ever get hail in new england. you dont have to linseed oil it and they claim it will last a lot longer than fifty years.Time will tell