ATTN: I need help please. Roofing question!

First off I want to thank you guys for actually having a website on this, or else I’d be even more lost than I am right now.

I need help, and quickly.

I am about to do our 11month 2-10 11 month warranty submission. I walked into the attic to check for anything out of the normal so I could bring it to the contractors attention. I came across a 2"+ gap between the peak off the roof, all the way across.

I thought the ply board was brought all the way to the ridge/peak of the roof on both sides, leaving no gap. The gap here is wide, and what seems to be covering it would only be the tar paper and shingles.

This is my question. Was this done properly, or not. I have no idea about roofing. I by trade am a inspector for construction/surveyor but not a builder. I have been around plenty of houses being built and I can’t ever recall seing this practice being done.

I just have run into multiple problems with the craftsmanship of this house that I was under the assumption that this was improperly done as well.

I will post links to pictures of the roof line from the attic. I need help ASAP as our submission time is close to being up and I don’t want to let this slip if it is a problem/improper installation.

Thanks in advanced,


The gap is supposed to be there for ridge-vent.If it’s felt in the pictures, the RV has been left off and needs to be installed.

It could have been? It more like a fiber type black paper upon 2nd inspection of it.

I know I came across some diagrams on roof venting but I didn’t find out much information.

Could you please specify what you mean by “the RV has been left off and needs to be installed.”.

As I said, I am not a roofer, so I am lost with your terms. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply!

Does your house have ridge vent(RV)? or is there just ridge caps.

Either way its wrong, if it has ridge vent and the hole is covered with felt paper it won’t vent.

And if they left the ridge vent off ,the ridge caps over time will flatten out and dip because there is no decking to support them , thus causing leaks.

A picture of the ridge on the outside would help.

RV stands for Ridge Vent.

It would help if you added an exterior photo of the roof over the area of your concern.

Take photos from the front and back yard.

Do you have any roof vents located in the shingles, called mushroom vents or turtle vents?

Also, carpenters do get lazy on new construction and if the rafter span is just a few inches more than the width of the sheets getting installed, the might have left it alone.

Additionally, the Roll Vent brand of Ridge Vent has a black gauze-like material as it’s underside of the product.

Any signs of leakage???


To be honest, I couldn’t tell you now if it has a RV installed. I will check tomorrow and get pictures.

I was just worried because our builder was known for cutting corner and trying half a$% techniques, so I was just worried I ran into another problem.

I did not find any signs of leakage. Although we haven’t had a rain in awhile, I didn’t see any signs of dried puddles or stains.

I appreciate the quick responses and I guess I will have to get back to you all tomorrow with more help.

Here are the plans for the roofing section. Maybe this could give you a little more information.

I don’t see any detail for ridge vent in the print. 15lb felt and 7/16 osb for decking is about as cheep as you can get though.

That is the standard though.
It is what all the builders use on every house
Even if it is a million dollar house.

The only way it is not is if you(the buyer of the home) ask for something different.


Your ventilation is in the gable ends. You will get a flurry of guys telling you that is not enough. But that is not your issue here.

They framers will frame all house for ridge vent. If they go according to the prints they will not make any money. So if you are getting ridge vent or not they frame for it. Not ideal, but it is a standard practice.

New construction is cheap construction. Most builders pay the least amount they can. They do not look for skill level.

First, the plans are for framing detail- not the Roofing, to see if ridge vent was called for to begin with check the roof details in the plans.

the decking gap, seems to have been installed to allow for the ridge vent.

Check the exterior peak roof details to see if venting was installed- thus the caps will be raised slightly from the roof if it is installed. thus if not then it needs to be and the felt paper cut back to allow the air flow.

this was probably the oversight of the men in charge during the phases of contstruction, OR just pure lasyness

correction= Construction.

thank you

correction= Lazyness




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