Attic Ventilation

I am getting differing opinions on the following question:

I have a second story hip roof over a 1500 sq ft attic. I am installing a new roof. I presently have soffit vents and three roof exhaust vents. One vent is a power vent and two are static vents about 4 feet either side of the power vent. My question is…should I eliminate the static vents? Are they reducing the effect of the power vent by not getting maximum air flow through the soffit vents? Would I be better off with four static vents? My ridge is about 20 feet long. Would I be better off with a high flow ridge vent and ditch the other vents?



I would remove the power vent and the “static” vents and install a ridgevent.

Soffit vents + ridgevents, no other vents.

I am a fan of the solar powered attic exhaust fans but no matter what you choose to do for exhaust (ridge vs. power) you HAVE to get rid of the static boxes / air hawks / whatever it is in place.

Also, we would like to know what your INFLOW situation is like. How many or what type of intake do you have? If they are individual intake vents, what size are they?

Pictures of the intake side would help. Also, make sure your intake vents are not blocked with stuffed insulation. Baffles = goodness. Stuffed vents = badness.

Keep the power and static vents and add the ridge vent.

On a calm hot day, the ridge and static vents are not nearly as effective as a power vent.
The static and ridge vents cannot supply enough intake air for the power vent to disrupt the flow from the soffit vents.

Attic Ventilation