Attic ventilation (again, sorry)

I need to replace my roof, and am concerned that it is not currently ventilated properly.

I have included a link to pics that show it currently.

If Ed and others would give advice and suggest options, I would greatly appreciate it.

The gable roof area is 850 sf, with a gable vent and one turbine. Ridge here is 30ft, and is 7ft lower than hip ridges.

The hip area is 1550sf, with 3 turbines. Ridge is 12ft and 10ft.

Continuous soffit vents open all along eaves.

I don’t want power vent unless necessary, prefer ridge vents, but don’t know if that is possible.

10/12 pitch except shed dormer 4/12.

In the attic, I can separate the gable roof area from the hip area if necessary, but lots of work.

The current roof is appx 20 years old, one layer, and will be torn off. It is not too bad other than edges of shed dormer as shown, and some moss on the small 4/12 back porch area( I let the tree get on it).

Someone suggested to just patch the bad areas, and if I cant get it replaced soon before cold weather, I may have to do that.

If I need to provide more info, I will.

Thanks in advance.


Is it truss or rafter construction?
Do you have vaulted ceilings?

It is rafter, no cathedral ceiling, has a room over the garage with knee wall.

The attic there is 5ft high.

About 12 ft high on the hip roof area.

Thanks for the reply,


why in gods name is there a whole course of shingles hanging off of the eves of your pool house :shock:

I figured someone would question that.

As I was cleaning out the gutters, I noticed the extra shingles. I took the gutters off as well as the extra course, and found that the framer had stopped the decking flush with the top of the 2x8 rafters. THen the sub facia 2x6 was installed flush with the bottom of the rafter. Net result was a 3 or so inch open space between the decking and 1x8 finished facia board.

The extra shingles were apparently rigged to address this, but created leaks into the area instead of stopped them.

As a temporary solution, I am looking to install gutter apron type metal, or to fix it correctly, tear the shingles off, cut the lower 21in of decking all around and remove. Then replace with a 24in decking board that ends on top of the finished facia.

As is the lower shingles had no place to nail to.

Hope my description makes more sense than it did to build it that way to start with.

Is my solution valid?

Thanks for the response,


Hello Old Grunt,
Install ridgevent on all of the main ridges. Be careful not to cut the decking back too far, one and one half inches is plenty on each side from the center of the ridge. If you are reroofing, I would not reinstall the wind turbines and replace that piece of decking instead. On the pool house, you may be able to strip in the missing deck with a piece the needed width.

Thanks Wade for the advice.