Atlas Roofing Colors

I’ve heard good things about Atlas roofing, but saw a post from a dissatisfied customer. I’m looking at the StormMaster Shake and I’m not clear on what shingle is shown in the photo. I do understand her complaint and I’m wondering if the color discrepancy (and maybe odd color pattern) is indicative of Atlas shingles or was this just a fluke? Thanks.

I am not sure of your question.
Are you asking if the shingles of that roof are indeed Atlas?
Are you asking its color?

I do think that is an awesome looking roof in that photo!
If someone thinks that is an ugly roof color pattern… i’d have to disagree.
I think that looks beautiful.

The person’s complaint was that the variation of color of the installed roof is in stark contrast to the sample board, which she propped up in the photo. She was looking for a more uniform color. I see some variation in the sample board but I understand her complaint.

Also, on a different note, the shingles (to my eyes) appear unidimensional (vs multidimensional) but again, that could be just my perception or if that’s correct, that may be the intended design.

Lastly, does the pitch have any impact on appearance?

Thanks for your helpful responses.

Well the color on the roof is not the same color on the sample board for one thing.

And if the customer wanted a more uniform appearance(dull and boring)
Than they definitely should not have used any of the storm master. ( gorgeous and not boring and dull)
Yes, light and dark color variations are there on purpose for beauty.

Agreed and I think that was her point. I guess she was going for dull and boring and the product installed doesn’t match the sample board. I guess some people like dull and boring, lol.

Never buy a roof based on a sample board. Most of the time colors are variegated so you would never see the full picture from a 2’x2’ board. Roofer should have made sure she had a more complete representation of the color before making a selection.

An excellent point. I think I’d want to see the shingle already installed on a roof to get a general sense of what it may look like. A roofer today gave me a list of 50+ addresses he’d roofed with the shingle listed with each residence (and date installed) to give me an idea.

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Sample boards suck,never show how it looks overall.

Reach out to atlas corp directly or the local Atlas rep in your area/ that is the one issue;

I need to clarify.
I love making homes beautiful with a new roof.
I can make a homeowner change their mind about painting their house with a different color because i match the perfect roof to it.

If your siding is the same color(besides trim colors)
Than a roof with light and dark color variations look beautiful.

But if you have a “busy” siding color
For instance a brick with light and dark colors in it…
Than you would want the more monotone shingle, the one with little variation in it.

Another reason l am loving Atlas in their pinnacle line.
They are making both for everyone.
In weatherwood, brown, greys, tans
You can get it with lots of variation or without.

Nobody else is doing that!!

Given your knowledge/experience with Atlas shingles, do you have a recommendation of what would look good in the StormMaster Shake? We currently have a GAF weatherwood but I was thinking of Pewter, Hearthstone Gray or Black Shadow. However, I’ve yet to see any of these in person. Do you have any thoughts about what would look good with that brick and trim?

You have the busy brick i was talking about.
I dont think you want the storm master because it has huge variation in it.

But if i was going to choose it,
It would be the heather blend.
I believe it to be the color on the sample
Board on the pic you provided.

But have you looked at the storm master shingles on the Atlas website?
The variation is huge.
I would choose the Pinnacle line.
I would choose either pristine hickory
Or pristine heather.
The Hickory has almost no variation in it
And i know it would look awesome on that house.
2nd choice-pristine Heather
It does have some variation in it
( much less than storm master)
But would over-all look great over time

Black goes with everything and makes the home easier to sell in theory.

If you were really wanting to use the storm master — i agree the black would look good also.
Because the huge variation would still look good
Being that it is a totally contrasting color to the siding.

Yes, I agree completely. I’m looking to avoid variation given the pattern and varied colors of the brick. I think you’re right in that the pristine hickory would be a good match. I hadn’t thought about black before but I think it’s an interesting contrast. Before I found this forum and learned about the lesser qualities of GAF, I had a GAF roofer come out and he suggested repeating the Weather Wood or going with charcoal. I really didn’t want to repeat the weather wood unless nothing else would work but the black seems like an interesting choice.

Is there a considerable difference between MasterStorm Black Shadow and the Pinnacle Pristine Black? More variance in the Black Shadow?

Thanks again.

Is there a considerable difference between MasterStorm Black Shadow and the Pinnacle Pristine Black? More variance in the Black Shadow?

Thanks again.

The pristine black would look better than the black shadow on that house.
Very Little variation in the pristine black.
Lots of variation in the storm master line.

Also ,
Did you know you can go to the atlas website
And you can take that picture of your house
And see it with all the roof colors we have talked about??

Ahhhh, good to know. Given that I’m paying for a new roof out of pocket (no insurance) at 60 squares, I’ve conducted exhaustive research on all of the top names and, unless I’m misunderstanding, it seems that Atlas has the best warranty and bang for the buck (on paper anyway) and even a YouTube roofer reviewer (who said he installs OC) did side by side comparisons with various shingles and had very positive things to say about Atlas. I’m somewhat surprised they don’t have a greater share of the market (in relation to GAF, CT, OC). Anyway, thanks for the information.

Maybe Atlas doesn’t have a bigger share because they don’t want a bigger share. Malarkey used to be like that and sometimes (mostly nowadays) change is not for the best.


A local lumberyard carries Atlas.

A local lumberyard with straight wood and a stock of all the lumber & cuts I have ever needed.