Atlas Pinnacle Pristine vs StormMaster Shake vs Owens Tru Definition Duration vs GAF Timberline


I’m not being charged more for the Atlas. My roofing contractor gave me the same quote for GAF Timberline HD and Atlas Pinnacle Pristine.

I picked up a bundle of the Atlas for $30 from a local supplier and a bundle of Owens Tru-Definition Duration at Lowes for$38 a bundle. A local supplier quoted me prices for Landmark at $33/bundle and Landmark Pro at $36.

I don’t know if there would be these price differences from my roofing contractor. He might get a different price and maybe for him they are all the same.


That is great news for you!!
I know my supplier makes much less money on me serving me the Atlas.
It cost more for them to aquire them than the other brands.


Interesting. You’d think there would be one price all over, but could it have to do with proximity to where they’re made? Or where they are trying harder to capture more of the market?

So, tell me roof_lover. I know you have been finding the Landmarks are getting algae long before 10 years! This would be horrendous. How about the Landmark Pro? The same?

And, another question. I picked up the 2 bundles of Atlas, as you saw. The Hickory package was kind of beat up, with the shingle edges curled up, as they still are even after lying flat for weeks. And, I also thought both packs - the Hickory and the Heather - to have a lot of granules loose. Should I be concerned about this or assume that my contractor will be making sure the bundles are in good shape. The package of Owens I bought had no loose granules in it. I seem to read a lot about granule loss on this forum, and it’s been on my mind.


Ok, so i havent installed enough of the Pro
Give an honest opinion about its algae resistance.
Certainteed offers no information about its algae resistance performance concerning the Pro and how it is different than the regular Landmark.
I think they might push their algae resistance warranty to 15 years instead of 10.
Did they do anything different like increase the copper content of their granules?
They dont say they do…
They definitely do not have it seperately labratory tested every batch by 3m scotchgaurd themselves ( like Atlas does)

I agree that the Pro is a better shingle than the standard Landmark.
It is definitely made by the better plants.
More asphalt content in the shingle
The placement of the granules are different
It does look nicer.
But i dont know if they added more copper.


I am confident in the granule retention in the Atlas.
I agree that the Duration granules are more dense and looks tighter on the shingle
And doesnt look like any shingle is missing a granule on it.
I wanted to love those shingles so bad.
A great and well known name and its new nailing strip tech.
I just think it needs to be improved.
I think they are failing as designed.


What is it about the Duration shingles that are failing? I thought the intense color variation in the Brownwood was too much for me especially with the huge variation in tab width, but some of the colors seem very interesting (in pictures - Teak, Flagstone).


The small double thickness nailing area.
They tell the roofer to nail in the sure nail strip.
But only half of the sure nail strip is double thickness.

You set your nail gun to a certain depth.
But there is two different depths in the sure nail strip…

And then the entire sure nail strip sits lower than the rest of the shingle.
Creating a trough that water sits in.
Rotting the fasteners in the low spots.


That certainly sounds like a poor design. That nail strip looked like a nice feature.

Do you think the Atlas Hickory tends to look a little purple?


Respectfully, i think you are a smart lady
I have been very impressed with you and think you have done more research and know more about the difference in shingles than any homeowner could.
But i also think you are at least partially color blind and should not be in charge of choosing the color.
If i was your potential roofer i would withdraw my proposal based on your last question.
And wouldnt do your roof if you begged me.
I would consider my company highly at risk to serve you.
Please be at peace. I’m not trying to be mean to you.
Just being honest with you.
Good luck and i do mean that sincerely.
Today is the Lords day!
Let us rejoice and God be with you!


I guess I get it from my amazing 93 year old mother who has a keen eye for color and straight lines. She was once a dress maker and can see when something is not cut on a straight line from a mile away. I pray the guys installing the roof can see that too. The one who does the estimates and contracts and oversees the jobs is partially color blind. 10% of all men are partially color blind. I am not at all color blind. I am bad a visualizing a finished product and making a decision. I painted my kitchen twice to get the color right.