Atlas Pinnacle Pristine Shingle

I would like your opinion on the Atlas Pinnacle Pristine Architectural Shingle. Please list what you like the best and what you dislike the most. I am considering using them in my business because of the lifetime warranty against algae and would like to know what the roofing community thinks of them.

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they aren’t bad, colors look good and haven’t noticed many shading problems. They don’t bleed granules right out of the wrapper and the seal down activates with just a little sun even in colder weather. The down side is in the summer that seal down strip is working the minute you take them out of the package. Not sure about the effect on algae since they are new within the last 2-3 years so not enough time to see how it actually works but haven’t seen any problems on the roofs I’ve done with them. The warranty sounds good but haven’t had any problems to verify that, imo at least as good as any other comparable shingle out there.

We used them for a month or two 3 years ago. While I don’t think they’re outright shoddy or defective, I won’t likely be using them again and I wouldn’t put them on my house or my Mother’s. We found more damaged shingles right out of the wrapper, by far, than any other brand. In all fairness, that may have been storage issues with their local distributor. Don’t know, don’t care. I also found them to be quite flimsy, they didn’t seem to be as solid or put together as well as Owens Corning, Tamko or Certainteed.

The whole shingle preference thing here is subjective at best. You still have a fair amount of people that prefer GAF. I wouldn’t put that brand on my dog house.

AD: these are a bit newer I believe with the copper coated granules to resist the algae, only been out a couple years (could be wrong but it hasn’t been long) and are a definate improvement over the previous pinnacles. Most damage on new shingles seems to be from storage and shipping, I hate getting shingles that have set a year outside or in a warehouse, at the very least the bottom 3-4 bundles are garbage and then you add in the forklift gouges and crushed corners from hitting against each other but that goes with any brand name. Haven’t run into many manufacturing defects with them so far or at least visible ones.
I wonder if that may have somthing to do with regional preferences, depending on the nearness of the plant where they come from, additional shipping &handling along with storage has to take a toll on shingles.

I’ve got a question too :mrgreen:
anyone know why they seem to use the most beat up broken pallets to ships shingles that they can find?

Have put thousands of squares down i can tell you this when they had a problem with thier product a few year back, they stepped up to the plate and took care of thier customers complete replacements.As far as shingles go i prefer them with the new fungus resititant warranty and sell them everyday.I have installed shingles for over 30 years and have always found oc to the least impressive products.

And i love the storm master slate shingle they sell it is one hell of a shingle!!!

[quote=“Bill6208”]I’ve got a question too :mrgreen:
anyone know why they seem to use the most beat up broken pallets to ships shingles that they can find?[/quote]

I’ve wondered that many times, the pallet the shingles are stored/shipped on are of great importance.

I have noticed with a couple brands that the pallets are flimsy & cheap, as a result the shingles settle and become uneven & wavy.
This happens through the whole stack sometimes.

This is always an issue, and becomes a real problem when it gets cold.
Cold, wavy, deformed shingles are hard to deal with and install correctly.
Installing shingles like this usually results in a lot of blow throughs in the cold, shingles in this condition cannot be correctly installed quickly.
Therein lies the problem.