Atlas, Malarkey, GAF for hail resistance

Hi. I live in Colorado and my roof was hit hard by hail this summer. I’m torn between the offerings out there. We’re considering between the Atlas StormMaster, Malarkey Legacy, Malarkey Vista, and the GAF Timberline lines. I’ve seen pros and cons for all them so none stand out. Is there one that you would choose and why? For example, is it worth it to pay extra for Malarkey Legacy? Thanks

Definitely not GAF. We like the StormMaster Slate. No experience with Malarkey but heard lots of great things about the brand.


Definitely not GAF. We like the Malarkey Legacys. No experience with Atlas but heard lots of great things about the brand.


Echo definitely not GAF. Malarkey makes a good shingle although they are currently making changes with their Highlander which involve reducing the weight of what was the heaviest limited lifetime on the market. They will still be far superior to GAF though.


Should I add another NOT GAF? Atlas makes a much better shingle than gaf and from what I hear malarkey is even better but not available in my area.


Thanks! Looks like there is a consensus to not use GAF. Has anyone used both Atlas and Malarkey in a hail prone area and can speak to how the two hold up against hail? Thanks

Here in Texas, numerous of our sales reps say that Atlas and Malarkey are both equally as tough to get insurance to buy the roof after a hail storm. They both are great. Atlas also has a double sealant tar line. Malarkey’s whole nail line will hit the bottom laminate. I think if you find the right color for your house in either brand then you will be satisfied.

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