Asphalt replacing over wood shingles question

i had some wind damage which had many of my asphalt shingles flapping in the wind and broke several of them totally off of the roof. the insurance person who looked at the roof said that this could be repaired, however, i have had 6 different roofing companies come out to give an estimate, every single one of them said that trying to replace asphalt shingles that are over wood shingles is a bad idea, moreover it cant be done. so i am just trying to figure out who is lying to me. thanks

the roofers are right. It is a bad lob at best to overlay wood shingls.Also in some cases wood shingle roofs are on skip sheathing.

yes,my roof has skip sheathing with wood shingles(probably form when the house was built) and then a layer of asphalt shingles. so you are saying that trying to repair the asphalt shingles in my case is a bad idea and that the roofers have been correct? thanks

Yes they are correct. When you reroof you will need to fill in the sheathing or plywwod over it.

so does this mean the entire roof needs to be replaced?

Not neccesarily but it should have been done that way.
It would really depend on the age and condition of your existing roof its age,etc. you may be able to patch in a few shingles to prolong the inevitable but a lot of roofers will not want to do this due to the unsound deck and nailing.

the roof is old, im not sure how old thou, i have only lived in this house 5 yrs. but the roof is in real bad shape. i think that is what the roofers i have had look at it are saying, that its just in too bad of shape to try to repair and that it needs to be fully replaced.

and so then how do i get past the insurance hurdle? i mean if they say it can be repaired, but i cant find a roofer who will do the job, where does that leave me?

get several written estimates that include removing the shake, and replacing it with decking and asphalt shingles.

then call for a re-inspect. get a roofer to meet the adjuster when he comes.

100% of the insurance companies i deal with, on wood shake + asphalt, pay for removing the shake, and redecking.

ok, thanks for the help & info

if there wasnt wood shingles underneath than insurance man would probably be rite.
he had no way of knowing.

but yeah companys wont want to touch it.