Ashphalt shingles over ashalt shingles?

I noticed alot of houses on this island have a few layers of asphalt shingles on them. I am trying to repair the house i am living in and was wondering how do i go about going over existing shingles. and what would be a decent brand to get . i dont want to get the cheap ones that dont last long but maybe one in the middle of cheap and expensive. This house has been leaking for some time but i have no experience in ripping out old ply and putting new. I would just like to go over the existing. Plus we dont have the money just yet to hire a company to fix it. I just want it to last a few years maybe by then i will be able to afford a new roof.

If it has been leaking for a while already, you more than likely will have either decking or structural damage, which can only be ascertained with a complete roof removal.

Sorry, but that is not only the Right thing to do, but will wind up saving you a lot of money shortly down the road.


I agree with Ed. If the decking is bad from leaks (it is) and you don’t fix it you will not get the life from the new roof. I have ripped of plenty of roofs that were installed over bad decking only 5 yrs or less that were leaking,and falling apart cause the roofer did not do the customer right. It is like throwing the money away if you don’t tear off and replace damaged wood. Also when the tear off is done,the loose decking nails need to be pulled and the deck re-nailed so the loose nails don’t come through the new shingles. That is also the cause for most of the work I get…Lazy slob roofers that are in my area working for Peanuts …and they real are not monkeys…they are just incapable of doing the proper work that should be done to insure that the owner gets the full life from the product they are paying for…I always say If you didn’t get a Top Quality Job ,then it doesn’t matter what you paid…IT WAS TOO MUCH!

It would be cheaper in the long run to do it now, even if money is tight. The rotten wood is not going to mend it self, but wet wood also attracts the large black ant’s that no home owner want’s.

So true.

im in hawaii i dont think we have those big black ants u speak of. I just wish i had some experience in what i have to do. Im more of a person who can watch someone do it then i would know how. But just winging it sounds hard. lol. I just really want it to last a couple of years until i can get the money. thanx for the reply’z

You should call a couple roofers and get estimates to repair your roof to get a couple years out of it and stop your leaks.more than likely it will be cost effective opposed to you buying shingles and installing.Plus it will be safer .good luck.

Here is an example of what Re-Mark-Able Roofing was talking about.

This is an example of a roofover done right.
The original roof was applied correctly and the courses were straight.
Even though it was done right we still have this…

IMO both roofers did a very good job, but this is what you get by doing roofovers, whether you do it right or not…


Those are some good, and very true picture’s

I am confident about fixing the front area of the roof but the back is another story. Just because there is a skylight in one of the rooms and i really dont want it falling thru the ceiling lol. Im pretty sure that some of a leakage is caused by that sky light and it not being installed correctly. Or it was probably installed correct and after the years and weather beating on it . must have cracked or something… i never really pulled off the whole tarp to check everthing out. I am gonna buy a few new tarps so i can start working on the roof. My friend is telling me its a one day job, he never fixed a roof in his life so i dont know how he can say that lol. But we just might give it a go not sure how much plywood i need just yet.