Asbestos tiles, spray foam underneath, over a loft room


Hi, I have a 1930ā€™s bungalow in the UK. The tiles are definately asbestos, the less dangerous type. The roof has been patched a lot but doesnt leak. It has been spray foamed to hold the tiles in place. The previous owners made a loft room, properly insulated and dry lined, velux windows etc. Its very nice. However I am aware that the roof could do with renewing. How easy will this job be? Will there be any issues with it, apart from the cost of the asbestos disposal?

Thank you :slight_smile:


Sounds like a horrible mess to me.
I really dont think you could pay me enough.
I wouldnt even give a proposal.

Iā€™d say you can call me after all the decking is removed and replaced.


I read a about this practice in the UK a few years ago when researching a spray foam mess under slate roof we were dealing with.

I am assuming the asbestos is on open lath and they spray foamed the underside to hold it all together like they do with slate?

If that is the case of that is the case you would basically need to scrape the asbestos off of the foam, assess the condition of the foam and remove and replace any moist sections, then either install a new roof into the existing lath or install new decking on top.

Best as advice I can give you is to bring in a good roofer experienced in dealing with your situation. Possibly remove a small section ahead of time so you know exactly what you are dealing with. There are alot of unknowns until the roof is removed because nothing is visible from the inside due to the foam and the space being finished.


OK thanks for your help. Nightmare ahead of me then!