Asbestos Removal


what is the pay for a sub-contractor to remove this kind of material…i need to have a price ready for this contractor. he wants me to install a decra tile roof house is 9/12…let me know ASAP


last time we subed that out it was 4.00 per square foot. They do not watertight it either


so u telling me $400.00 per squares… but that material is dangerous. that money sounds good the house is 47 squares…


that what it was around here about six years ago. but your area could be a lot different.


:slight_smile: Out here in Buffalo NY if you are the home owner you can remove the abs .shingle yourself with just a simple permit, but if you are a contracter you must cover the house and wather the abs down, have propere suits and double bag all material and have air samples taken every hour it is very expen, and a pain in the ass .


1000 per square


what am going to do is let the roofing contractor do the tear off and i will do the installation only… they wanted two estimates thats what am going to do tear off will be real high… and i will charge $120 for the decra tali installation…thanks for ur help guys…


[quote=“brokenladder”]1000 per square/quote

BL, your from buffalo.what company are you with? i let their about 12 yrs ago to come down to florida.[/quote]

  1. to Mr roofer i used to work for switalas const.out of clearence from 2001 till 2008 left last yr and started my own roofing company STORM roofing It’s just starting to pick up now. I was in st augustine last yr and did a roof for a buddy of mine there near that haunted light house you know the one that TAPS was at two yrs ago


I worked for tri-town construction years ago out in Buffalo.


Same as Brokenladder. Texas allows homeowner to remove the material, place it in plastic bags and sit it out at the curb to be picked up or take it to the land fill. If a contractor does it, it has to be an abatement company. Full suits with resperator. One quick note. I’ve been told that alot of the roofing tiles didn’t have the amount of asbestos that required it to be abated. I think there is a cut off of 20% or less can be torn off without any problems. Anyone know if this is true? I assume you send a piece off for some type of testing.


having your guys touch the stuff is not worth the liability. I used to have a licence for abatement years ago but let it run out. The roofing tiles are called transite and are basically potland cement reinforced with asbestos fibers. if it breaks it is what they call “friable” air born dust particles that may contain asbestos. better to just sub the out.


rooferjosh tritown is still around. How is it where tou are now as far as business?


On residential homes, it is allowable to tear-off and dispose of, without the proper regulations being required.

The disposal container has to be double lined and all of the material needs to be bagged and the landfill needs to be notified.

For commercial buildings, air monitoring is required, along with the Tyvek suits and the HEPA Air Filters, restricting the intake of particles to a certain degree of microns.

A Qualified Party must be on hand for observation and monitoring during the progression of the entire removal process.

Every community can be different as far as the regulations.

The materials are required to be sent out to a laboratory to test for friable content, which is a very Minute amount to be considered friable.

2 samplings minimum are required and when they are sent in, they need to be double bagged in zip-lok baggies.