As a roofer from Europe to the US?

Hi, guys!

I’ve just finished my apprentice ship in Germany and due to the bad economic situation and the fact that I primary work for the state instead of me I got the idea to emigrate to somewhere out of the European Unioin. And as I was always fascinated of the USA it would be my dream to work and live there.

So do you think I’d get a chance to work in your country or do I have to make do with America’s little brother Canada because of your hard immigration-laws?


Toby, roofer from Germany

I would be very interested to here about your apprenticship in Germany. I wish there were more programs like that available over here.
Best Regards

"a graduate from Roofers Local 33 Boston apprenticeship school and proud journeyman roofer and slater"

Would love to have you here in Cleveland. If you make it over send me an email.

You might what to talk to this guy for advice;

seems you have a bit in common.

Good Luck

Hi roofers,

der Dachdecker did not call back yet… lets say for “advice”… but I really offer an apprenticeship, just like we got it in Germany.

Schöne Grüße

Der Spenglermeister.


If I was 20yrs younger I would be right there. I wish we had that kind of training here in the states.

I tried out your round valley technique on a recent repair to a rolled eave roof valley. Turned out …ummm OK. I need a little more practice. :smiley:

Good luck out there.

Hi Dennis,

thanks and please make a picture and let us see how it turned… hmm ok? :smiley:

I would like see it AND it would make me happy and proud to help. :smiley:

Der Spenglermeister

Thats some nice work Erno. I wish we had more roofers that cared for there work like you.

RooferJ, I care for my jobs… I just don’t know (or have much of a market for, it seems) copper. :smiley:

I’m sure if I learned it & got my info into the right hands, there would be a marke… just not so much here in Texas for slate & copper as there is further up towards the NorthEast.