Artecheral shingles

Hey I was just wondering how long artecheral shingles have been on the market. We did a roof the h/o claimed was 30 years old and was done with artecheral shingles and still looked fairly new. I was under the impression they have only been avalaible for the last 10 maybe 15 years tops.

the first one was in 1967. GAF Timberline invented it.
use spell check for Gods sake !

What was it?

The late 70’s when GAF came out with their Timberline Shingles?

[quote=“RooferJ”]the first one was in 1967. GAF Timberline invented it.
use spell check for Gods sake ![/quote]


Was it '67?

I did not know that sir.

Yep. … story.html

I thought the Hallmark was the first architectural made…

Couldn’t be the Certainteed Hallmark, that is a three tab shingle.

I measured a 110sq single family house a couple years ago with 30 year Elk laminates and at year 20 they were shot. Granular loss, blow offs, etc.

The other day I measured a roof that was built in the 70’s. Most of the house had medium shakes but the orignal owner built the house with the intention to put solar panel on one piece. The rake was 14ft and the ridge was 55ft, 18/12 pitch. The shingles look to be 50 year organic laminates. I broke a chunk off and they appear to have the cardboard matting like the organic three tabs. They are shot.

The roof was really funky. The front of the house had 10 year old medium shakes with three tabs under that. The one side had the old laminates, two sides had 25 year old medium shakes, one side had 7 year old three tabs and one side had two huge skylights with one run of newer lamintes.

i tore off a laminate at year 30 last year, it was shot but in still weather tight.

I’ve encountered all kinds of wierdnesses.

Once, I ripped off a 5 year old roof that looked good, but leaked like a pregnant woman.

Another time we tore off a 40 year old 3 Tab roof that didn’t look great, but was watertight.

Every frickin’ shingle was nailed right!
Every detail was tight!

Deconstructing a pro’s work and examining it (something I refer to as reverse engineering) has given me so much insight as to how to do things right.