Arguement that breathable underlayment makes no difference


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How do you do valleys & walls when you shingle from the top down?


To axiom I do them the same way. it is a bit harder to slip the shingles up under the other but as long as you keep from nailing to low untill you have one under. I usually lap one cut one . I guess yall might call it a cal. Valley.


Shingles are essentially a poor man’s roofing material…short life and quick death if not repaired in time.
Yes, Yes, everyone wants to believe what they want to believe, with the Bible belt a testament to that fact but when a roof starts leaking, denial isn’t going to help you nor does the perception that it’s a sign from God, cos the only sign is that you used a crappy material as your roof.
A roofing material is supposed to last 1/2 life of the walls and you ain’t gonna get it with bitumen shingles no matter how they smell on a summers day


Considering the surprisingly low cost of 16oz roofing copper, I wonder why
there aren’t more all copper roofs out there.


$7 sq/ft for 16 oz copper is the reason, you consider this low cost?


Axiom you need new supplier, think market was 3.74 last month when we bought a pallet. Year ago when I bought my new house was around 2 if I had the money at the time I would have picked up 2000# for when I get around to the roof.


greesball rolls underlay 15 ib no good