Are starter strips supposed to be on all the edge?s


The edges of my asphalt roof that lay flat have starter strips. There are no starter strips on any edge that has a slope. Will this be a problem? Are starter shingles required, by code? Other than nail placement, what is a starter shingles purpose?


Starter shingles up the rakes are called “bleeders”, they are a nice addition but not required if a drip edge is used.

In regions that don’t commonly use drip edge bleeder shingles are installed to support the shingle over hang on the eave and rakes.


Personally I think starter up the rake are completely unnecessary (except in the situation described by axiom for extra support if there is no drip edge). It makes no sense to me how they are supposed to help shingles (that are nailed on) from blowing off…by adding another piece of shingle that is simply just nailed on. The only way I see that they would really help is if they had a tar strip on both sides so that they would seal to both the drip edge and the rake shingles. A simple bead of tar along the drip edge underneath the shingles would do a lot more help than starter shingles will.

Honestly I think the main “purpose” of starter shingles up the rake edges is so manufacturers can sell more product and qualify for bogus warranties by making the consumer thinking that they are getting something extra (when they really aren’t).


We run starters up the rakes because it makes them look cleaner when viewed from underneath. Purely a cosmetic thing.


Starters up the sloped edges or “rakes” serve 2 purposes when installing factory made starter strips. As mentioned before…aesthetics…it just looks nicer from underneath and gives a perfect edge. 2nd…if using actual starter strips and not shingles…turn tar strip out. This helps in preventing wind uplift from the edge of the shingles as well as bonds the shingle and starter together giving support against sag as opposed to no seal to the starter.


I am not really understanding all that. The starter strips serves the purpose of sealing the shingle down to prevent wind from lifting up the edge? Did I get that right? Thank you.


Starter shingles are required on the bottom for waterproofing. The sides are optional. If you’re shingles are blowing off there is a bigger issue than no starters on the sides. I roof full time year round and never use them on the sides and i have had maybe 5 shingles blow off in the last 8 yrs (don’t even think any of them were along the edge).


I stopped using bleeders along the rake edges 15 years ago when I stopped doing 3 tab shingles. With laminates/archectruals imo they are really unnecessary as long as you can install/cut a straight line.


I live in the mtns of western n.c. We see wind damage regularly on the mtn sides. Starter strips are required at the eaves to seal the bottom 5.5 inches below the first nail line…and place shingle material under the first course joints. Rake starters are optional…we opt to use them. It provides a cleaner rake edge and again…the sealer strip turned out aids in rake edge strength and wind resistance. Everyone has their opinion though so its really personal preference between contractor and owner.


This house was hit by a tree. We did all the repairs. While the tree damaged the rake edge…the starter remained and kept the decking protected.