Are exposed nails ok?


Recently I replaced my roof and I have a narrow area that required laying shingles. In this area the contractors nailed down the shingles and covered the nail heads with a black colored substance. I am worried whether nails would eventually get rusted and that I may get a leak. Also in here the flashing is underneath the shingles, which would cause the rain water to go underneath the shingles, which is again isn’t very good.
Was there a better way my contractor could have done this job? If I call him back to fix it, what should I be asking him to do?

Picture can be viewed here:


Not my preferred method, but it may be normal in your area to cover flashings. Done properly, it is okay.


It’s ok as long as they went under flashing with the shingles below that row. Looks like they put a dab of plastic cement, I would recommend putting a polyurethane caulk . I use NP1 it comes in different colors you can find it at roofing supply stores


I’m going to say bad idea. Water gets under the shingle at the wall and unless they bedded the shingle in asphalt, it will run thru the nail hole. Might take a while, but it will rot.


Yes there is a better way to do it but I’d wager that 75% of roofing companies in America would have done the exact same thing. I would’nt worry about it.