Architectural warranty


ok guys, this may be a stupid question, but when a customer ask how long is the manufactures warranty with the “30” year shingle you plan to install. I always say that no shingle offers a 30 year warranty. Most are usaly 10-15 years. Am I wrong? Is their a brand that actally offers a 30 year warranty?

Feedback would be helpful. I know its a dumb question, but I want to get to the bottom of it.


Its not a dumb question if you dont know the answer. Ct it is a 30 year pro rated warranty. Like Certainteed give a 5 year sure start warranty anything goes wrong they cover it materials and labor, after that they just cover materials and they cover less each year from that day forward.


30,40,50 year &lifetime warranties,get out of that cave!


30,40,50 year &lifetime warranties,get out of that cave!