Architectural shingles as a starter?


I recently had my roof replaced and was not happy with the contractor. The original contractor did a very poor job with one of the rake edges. After giving them several opportunities to fix it I decided it would be best to hire another roofing contractor to fix the edge. They replace the shingles along the rake edge. My question is - the original contractor used actual starter strip along the edge but the new company cut the tabs off the architectural shingles and used as a starter. It that something I should be concerned about? I know that cut starter will not have the adhesive on it.


This is the original edge.


Nothing to be alarmed about. Starter shingles (true starters or cut shingles) are optional on rake edges anyway. I never use them personally.


Thanks. I guess my main concern was the lack of tar strip on the “cut” starter.


It will be fine. Highly likely your old roof never even had starter shingles in the first place.