Architechural Shingles on a Ranch House?

I need to replace my 18 year old roof. The house was built in 1989 with the cheapest black 3 tab shingles available. I have two roofs (attached garage/addition) with a total roof area of 2610 sq ft. I was planning on buying some better 25 year 3 tab shingles, but after shopping around, I’m not sure.

I am considering the Owens Corning Oakridge laminated architechural shingles with the “shake shingle” look. One concern I have is that they might look too “old fashion” on my ranch house with light gray vinyl siding. All the example pictures show more expensive homes with steeper pitched and more complicated roofs.

Does anyone have an opinion on this? Should I stick to the same old plain looking 3 tab or go with the fancier shingles? I’m replacing the roof myself, so the cost difference will only be about $400 factoring in the hip shingles and starter strips. The Oakridge also have a 30 year rating instead of 25 for the 3 tab.

Thanks, roof gurus!

Definitely go with the architechural shingles,you would be surprised at how much better they will look.For the price difference IMO it’s a no-brainer.Easier installation,way better looking and just an all round better shingle.I have never worked with the owens-corning,I prefer gaf/elk or certainteed.I’m not sure which website it is but there is one that you can submit a picture of your house and see what your new roof would look like.It may be Certainteed but maybe someone else on here could provide you a link.

I don’t have the link but if you go to Certainteed website,click on roofing,and they have a visualize your project section.I havent tried it but if nothing else you can find a nice color or shingle style to match your house.I would recommend going with a lighter color as it would keep your house alot cooler.

I have a hip roofed ranch with cottage red cedar clapboard and Archect shingles, it looks great ! All the ranches in my area have Archect shingles, I would never consider 3 tabs again

I have a ranch and I put the Owens Corning Oakridge on it . I got a deal on them when they changed to the sure nail. The discontinued shingles went for $5.00 per bndl. Couldn’t pass on that. Next year I will add a level, but when we got it it was leaking. When I do the next one I will use the Gaf/Elk Prestique 30 yr in Hickory…