Anything I should be concerned about on my new roof?


I just paid 5K (and will pay a second 5K for repainting and new gutters) for my new IKO Cambridge roof, and I was hoping to get some peace of mind of whether I should have any concerns. In particular, should I be concerned about… the cuts in the ridge all the way to the wall where there appears to be no barrier except a layer of shingles (the final 2 photos)? how easily the ridge shingles peel up? the unpeeled backing? the old flashing? I can see two different underlayments from the attic, mostly black, but the lower section on one side is white instead. Please see the album below, questions are captioned below some of the photos. I appreciate all your input very much. Thank you!

New roof, next stop new paint...


Shingles haven’t sealed yet, the loose flapping cellophane is no big deal, but should have been ripped off. It’s just there to prevent the shingles from sticking together in the bundles.
Mixed Underlayment not a big deal unless you paid for a system warranty.
Broken board should have been fixed but might not have broken until they put the shingles on.
It should be fixed now.

I probably would have wanted new flashings at the wall and plywood over those boards. It would have been a pretty decent expenditure for you however.


Looks like a decent roof.
The one board broke on a knot in the wood.
It happened while they were nailing the ridge vent and probably never knew it broke.
This happens quite often on old 1x decking.


Looks like an average roof install. Actually, might even be a bit above the average install (in my area at least). Please note that average install= acceptable but not top level quality. But that’s what you get from probably 90% of roofing contractors. I would have them pull the loose plastic strips as that would annoy me that they didn’t spend the 15 seconds to do that in the first place.

P.s. we see FAR worse then this posted here on a weekly basis.


I agree the homeowner got what he paid for but this is far from an avg install.

That rake edge is the worst I have seen, maybe ever.


I think you posted that reply in the wrong place Axiom. This isn’t the thread that contained the absolutely terrible rake edge. I think you got this thread confused with this one Quality of work concerns


Sorry, you are correct.

This one does look fine.


Aside from using IKO shingles the main problems on this roof are not even mentioned. The fascia and soffit look like they may have water damage, although this may just be peeling paint. The siding on step shingle run looks like it’s touching the roof, which will lead to failure, and the rusted pipe flashings should have been replaced.


I agree with lack of gap between siding and the shingles/flashing. I think most sources can agree that around 1-inch gap is needed to prevent water from wicking up the siding and prevent debris from accumulating. Some places recommend 2 inches, but I think that is getting too crazy at that point - what kind of river is anticipated there for such a gap?

Not sure if it is my perception on a small phone screen, but does that shingle overhang appear excessive? I am afraid these shingles will droop over time, unless upon fascia replacement, it will be within 1 to 1.5 inches?

Lastly, the vent appears to be Cobra 3 Rigid Vent. The gaps are acceptable during winter installation, as manufacturer recommends 1/8 in minimum if temps are low for expansion in summertime. I did the same on mine. The one thing I wonder is the size of ridge opening. The manufacturer recommends 1-5/8 distance from middle of ridge board for a cut itself of approximately 0.9 of an inch. These cuts appear quite large. From my research cuts that are too large can increase the risk of water infiltration. Anyone from pro community can confirm or disprove my claim?


Biggest thing with hardy is keeping it a minimum of 1" above the shingles and end primeveverything at least once.


I make my ridge holes approx 2 1/2 total.
Sometimes it squeezes to 3 inches and im getting nervous.
4 inches? Be real nervous.
Although that might not leak either.