Anyone working in Houston area?

Are there any cities requiring inspections? What is insurance paying for shingles?

Before you make the big move why dont you find out all the codes insurances. You come on here and ask for advice on things you should be doing little hint theres a thing called Texas wind storm inspection you need to get done so people can get insurance on there house and for flyers your about two months late on that you should been here in october little late come on down to Texas make your millions there selling 3tabs for 170sq and 30yr for 205sq and theres about 12 million illegal mexicans here that aren’t insured doing roofs for 45sq your going to love here

well if thats all your getting you are leaving alot on the table. I think after the first of the year will be a good time to start sending flyers and mailers again alot of people are leaving and its time for the people who are going to be here to take over. There are alot of people low-balling prices but I have seen insurance paying 260 a sq for tabs.

In SE Texas you will find that even some subdivisions require permits and inspections. Some of your small cities require 3 inspections. Decking, 110mph, and completion.

i am looking into the Webster-Clear Lake area. I havent seen anywhere that you need permits or inspections do you know for sure?

Your homeowner will need a WPI-8 for their insurance.
You’ll have an inspection from one of their engineers for material and application. We call it dry in inspection. They will want to see some of the drip, sealed starter, and shingles being installed. They will make sure you are installing the underlayment to specs and make sure it complies. I believe Clear Lake is city of Houston, but you will be in either Inland I or Inland II. You will need to fill out the WPI-7 and best thing to do is fax it in. When you finish, you need to make another call. They will do a drive bye (supposed to get on the roof and check installation,) but I find that they mostly, not all, drive bye.

Needed to add this. Clear Lake may also fall into Seaward which is a few more compliances.

so its like mini Florida. I loved all those inspections out there.