Anyone use birdview skylights self flashing curb?


anyone use birdview skylights self flashing curb ?
model sf2626 self flashing ?

also does velux do a dade county approved similar one ?

thanks in advance …


The ones i used were crap,the cuts were wrong had to use gum so it would work,makin them by hand are much better and no gum


are we talking a self-flashing one with this ?


Simaler but how they had the corners cut and where they overlapped the cuts were wrong the side flashing which overlapped the front piece,there cuts were rite to bottom of metal were they met in the corners and then wrapped ,so on every corner was a little opening which i had to gum to make water tight.I hope you can understand my writin. :roll:


according to literature birdview are all welded seams .
looked at the dade county approved velux and none are self flashing. are you sure you needed to seal seams ?


The ones i used,had too,welded seams work,just make sure you got peel&stick wrapped around box for skylite
Still i would do it by hand,on the job.