Anyone take their crews south for winter?


Anyone from the northern states every take their shingle crews and migrate south in winter? How’d you line up work? Was it worth it?
Normally I pull plug on roofing once the highs stop hitting 40 degrees. Some of my roofers would jump into carpenter Helper mode and some would just take the time off. I’ve gotten out of home building to focus on roofs so now I don’t have the back up winter work that I used to. Don’t want my guys looking for other work as I’m useless without them come next roof season.


We just work all winner. Slate and tile,copper and other detailed work is much nicer when it’s colder, at least I think so. We never have issues with quality shingles installed when it’s cold either. Torch down is also great when it’s cold. Only thing I don’t like doing when it is really cold is sealing aluminum gutters.


I am looking to get into edco as a winter product, just nervous to sell something I truthfully don’t have expertise in installation.
I’m not happy with most winter installed shingle jobs.
Do have enough cedar shake jobs lined up to keep 3 of my guys going on those who don’t need me to babysit, which got me thinking I could take a 5 guy crew south but don’t know where to begin


I have a Florida Roofers License and a pest control business in Panama City. I have 1000 termite customers in the Hurricane Michael damage area. We would like to put something together to help these customers rebuild quickly. I roofed after Ivan but have not roofed in 10 years. Serious inquires are welcome.