Anyone still Hand Nailing?

Hey guys, just curious as to who on this forum still hand nails asphalt shingles? I know its old school and slower but seems to be a big selling point to some of our customers. We know of one other company in our area who does, and thats about it. Everyone looks at us like were crazy when we talk about hand nailing. Anyone else get that?

even tho im not selling myself yet,i think only few customers would pay premium for that.imo it should be just extra option in case someone much longer it takes hand nailing compared to gun or walker ,is it worth the difference ? also,referral power if you hand nailing,in your experience do you think it will lead in better and more customers ? all those questions so far popped in my unexperienced brain.

We are in the Chicago area as well and we have an additional charge for hand nailing of $10.00 per square if a customer specifies that’s what they prefer be done.

I personally never mention the option as our crews do good work with guns anyway.

Given the lack of skilled roofers proficient in hand nailing, I’d prefer to have a roof put on with nail guns. I also think the technology and quality of compressors and nail guns have improved to the point there isn’t that much of a difference. I suppose if I were a new guy on the block, I might try to make a big deal out of this to try and steal some jobs. But it’s really just smoke & mirrors. There are no shortage of roofers who can put on a crappy roof by hand nailing.

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I’ve been roofing for 35 years, although not wearing my nail bags much last 5. Started with hand nailing but was never as fast as the old school legends. A lot of you are or know someone I’m referring to. As long as air pressure is regulated properly I will take a 6 nailing gun over a 4 nailing hand nailer. This will seem blasphemous to many of you old schoolers but our company used staples until about 5 years ago and NEVER had an issue with blow offs. Our employees are long term, well paid and conscientious. Proper placement of fasteners will hold shingles, period. We’ve done jobs on the Oregon coast with staples and never had problems with blowoffs. I respect hand nailers but in the same way I respect Amish with hand saws building a house. At some point it is just jerking off and pointless. Go ahead and rip me hand nailers! My old bosses have already mocked me when they saw compressors in my truck.

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Good post. We don’t use it goes any longer. Pay phones are virtually extinct. Robots assemble automobiles. Not all advances are good but many are.

I don’t do much shingling anymore, but I’ve always hand nailed. Bought a gun 20 years ago and put on about a hundred square with it. Between blowing breakers, adjusting pressure, reloading after every bundle, kinked coils, hung up hoses, carrying a hammer to drive nails that hit a knot and didn’t set, a caulk gun for nails that blew through voids, I put in on the shelf. I could hand bang as many square in a day as I could gun, without all the clusterfuck. I just take care of friends and family on shingle jobs now. I had a “certified installer” on one job, that couldn’t hit the lines and sent him down the road after less than a square. I do mainly repair work and flat installs. When you have to tell a homeowner with random leaks that the nails are shot high, tearing holes through the shingles, that they’ve been screwed and to pray for hail, it isn’t a good day. In northern Indiana, 12 miles from lake Michigan, so maybe it’s a regional thing…