Anyone lap or double 5v steel roof panels


I bought way more steel then I need
but got a lot deal too good to pass up on

so I have excess steel 5 v 26 gauge
and l plan on triple stacks on the exposed edges
and double every other sheet
and as the front roof is 21 ft with panels being that long
but the rear is only 16 ft I thought to bend over the gentle peak and lap 5 ft
then screw it all down with screws only on the top layer but thru the under or lapped areas

would you caulk or seam seal the laps or the edge stacks ?
or put any caulk over or in the screw holes

if so what product

yes this over doing a roof in hope to survive a cat 5 hurricane in s fla


and also thinking of bending the 5v steel down on to the fascia and screwing to 2x6 boards there to replace the 1’’ white wood junk there now

I trial bent one sheet over the low angle curved peak and it looks doable to lap the sheets
have not tryed the about 90 deg bend to come down the fascia [anyone ever do that ?]
I think bent down edges are far stronger then the just flat ends [what are the pro’s opinions ?]


You are the man nota!

Please post pics.

A LOT of work to bend that 5v…


Honestly, I think bending the ends of 5v metal is a lot of headache for a gain of nearly nothing. To fold the sheets at a 90 degree you are describing will require you to cut every rib. And the only way I see that being possible will be to cut them with a grinder, which will throw hot sparks everywhere and can easily cause your metal to rust prematurely. With how overkill you are going with every other part of this roof it will be more than strong enough without downturns on the 5v sheets.


Sometimes you just have to say screw it and just do it.


have not tryed to do the 90 deg down at the fascia yet may need a few hammer blows
we will see soon

but the top peak bend was eazy to do without cuts and only very minor distortion
about a 1/4’’ of the metal out side double edge V’s bend oddly up just by stepping on the metal over a 2x4 laid down at the peak
I think a few hammer taps will correct or making a jig to do several small bends instead of one bigger bend at the roof peak as it is only about a 30 deg deflection so 3 to 5 small bends may limit any distortion with several 5 to 10 deg bends a inch or 3 appart

will ask a neighbor who is a pro auto body man and volunteered to help with the metal bending
how to best do the 90 deg bends if cuts are need ect


Yeah, dont use the grinder.
Use something like Malco power snips.
Hooks into any drill and is a pretty inexpensive tool.


I have been thinking of denting the V’s down with a dull chisel
as it only needs a small area with V’s flatten right at the bend
rather then cutting or grinding for rust
we will see if it can be made to work

I do not mind doing the fiddly bits that take time a commercial job could not pay/profit from
but mite be the little extra needed
dry season is long here and no real rush

BUT the goal is survive a cat 5


Pics of your first succesful piece would be great!
Yeah, if i was the homeowner doing it myself
I think it would be cool to try the violent method of bending it before the cutting.

I know you can achieve it with a few tools.
Cut the top of each rib to the length that you want your fold.
I think it would need to be two cuts on each V.
The shape of a piece of pizza.
So the metal doesnt get in each others way when you flatten it down and fold it.
Then you flatten out the Vs
Then you use the bending tool
Or bang it 90 degrees with a rubber mallet
Over the edge of a 2x6 or something.


I have tasked the wife who is a hobby photographer to do a digital record of the job
as we are still in the asking and collecting supply’s phase
so no pictures yet but soon