Anyone have work?

ALot of you guys know me and know i can sell. My question is do you have ANY work i could do for you or your company. Very hard times where i am at and can not find a job. Im not looking for a handout i am looking to work. If you have any work please email me and let me know so i can hurry up and get there. I had a job fall thru last night and now am in a bind. Any help would be appreicated. Can not pay my bills the way it is right now so please if you got any please dont hesiate to let me know.

It is a strange climate right now.Only a trickle of leads coming in and I am right on them.Definate recession with jackass roofers droping there price with higher expenses. A recipe for disaster. I have about two months work but my lead flow is way way off.

you got a pm

i will be hiring a salesman this spring.


We are busy local company in Akron Ohio. We currently have a good amount of work. We have a great reputation and recieve lots of referrals. We have a sizeable ad that will be coming out in january in the new phone books. We have also budgeted and planned on doing alot more advertising in 2008. With that said we are looking for 1-2 good salesman’s that are expercienced in ROOFING. If you are interested in talking please let me know. We are a family owned and operated company. Though roofing is are main business we also do siding, windows,remodeling, etc. If interested send me a pm with your contact info.


You have been pmed with my email address please leave me a number that i can call you on and we will talk. Thanks GTP

wanna move??

Roofboss you have mail you know a PM

RoofBoss, what company do you work for, and if you don’t want it public, would you mind PM’ing me?

I never heard back from you, regarding if you knew my brother or not.