Anyone familiar with Armorlite Roofing?

My neighbor just installed a new shake looking roof, and it looks amazing, well at least better thank my 7 year old pro-shake roof. They said it was called armorlite and has a lifetime warrenty and you can walk on it without breaking the tiles. i went around and saw a few more in my area and they look great, but want more info before i buy one. can anyone help me???

they look really good from pics Ive seen,supposed to be the next big thing,watch them for a year or two see if they curl,the owner of another site had them done recently,but theyre still too new to tell-imho

Armorlite??? If it’s the Garland product, watch out. The metal is such a light gauge, seams pop and deflection is quite prevalent. Plus it carries too high a price.

This is a very nice product.