Anyone else having login issues?

I primarily use FireFox (“Mozilla”) as my primary browser for & as of late, I have had to:

-Login (again) every time I come to the site (the “remember me” functionality has fallen by the wayside, it seems.
-Login without** the “remember me” box clicked. This is primarily because it simply will NOT 'remember me" & I have to login, then login, login, login again. What a headache…

I had to contact the administrator of the site about one month or less ago to get that situation resolved.

From my office computer, I am now able to login, but my home computer, even though it says, Wecome Back, Ed The Roofer, I can not reply to posts still.

I just read on another thread, that Marshall Exteriors finally was able to log-in for the first time in 2008 today.


Ed, I saw that from Marshall & that’s what prompted me to start this thread.

I figured the tie in.

I still can not get on from home, but at least it works from the office.

Same IE browser on both systems.


Clear your cookies

That did not work Axiom.


Everything was working “mostly” OK on FireFox, but today (Wednesday) I have issues… again.

No problems when using my Opera browser, though. I opened a window & the site recognized me from a login use about 2 weeks ago (I had the “remember me” box checked off).

Since I’m not the only one, I have to guess it’s something site related.