Any roofing vets experienced in insurance claims?

We are a small team and have received numerous calls with inquiries on roofing. We call our customers back to see what they need and they ask us are we experienced with insurance claims. I’m upfront and honest and reply back with no (all we work with are residents who needs new roof/repair only) i’ve lost 3 clients due to this lack of experience. Any words of advice?

Buy Xactimate, take training from Steven Harmon, read everything posted here related to insurance for past 10 years. You’ll be reasonably experienced. Knock some doors to solicit some insurance jobs. Find some insurance jobs already approved, hire consultant to help you work your way through them.


Will do! Thank you. I’m looking stuff up as we speak and want to be well versed so we don’t miss another opportunity. On the bright side, we’re getting calls, we just need to better prepare ourselves. Thank you

You are further along than you think. You have addressed your weak spot and are humble enough to reach out for help. Authentic is an amazing resource so I would mine all of his past posts.

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Where are you located Ralph?

I know all about roofing insurance claim. I am trying to open up my own business doing such. Looking for some insight on how to go about it. I already have an Xactimate license and 2 years experience of supplementing. If anyone knows how I could go about making a business out of it please let me know.

Get about 5 more years of experience and learn to do it correctly.

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