Any Roofers From Around Marquette Michigan Need A Referral?


A fellow poster on PM’d me to see if I know any worthy roofers from that part of Michigan.

If I recall, that is in the UP.

I know some of you are in the right state, but I think that most are in the glove part.

Let me know if you are interested in checking it out.

Here is some basic information that follows.


*"Thanks Ed…maybe one of the guys you know know’s someone in the area? I’d like to give him contact info of 2 roofers that he can work with just to broaden his options. I just don’t want him to get taken advantage of like the last go round. I would also rather not show up as a new guy on a forum posting a friend need’s help, not knowing anything about the people responding. At least if it came from someone you know…( if your contact’s know anyone )…I could have some sense of comfort.

The home he bought had a front porch on it approx 8’ deep. This roof is roughly a 4/12 while the main house is roughly a 8/12…it is my understanding that this is not a reverse A. The porch was closed in and the living room extended. He has a leak, apparently from Ice damming, but I am uncertain. I’ve seen no pics, just his explanation of the problem to me. I’m assuming there is no iceshield…the existing roof I am told is about 10 years old.

Thanks again for the help…" *