Any problems with replacing tab shingles with architectural shingles?

I’ve got some minor storm damage to an old tab shingle roof with 3 or 4 shingles needing to be replaced. A neighbor has some spare architectural shingles and has offered them to me to use for the 3 or 4 that I need to replace. Is there any reason (other than cosmetic) that I couldn’t replace the 3 or 4 tab shingles with architectural ones? Note that my HOA plans to replace my entire roof within a year so my 3-4 shingle repair job is simply a bandaid to keep my roof waterproof for the next 9-12 months.

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Other than the cosmetics, no. Keep in mind that the arch. shingles are most likely 39x13 1.4in opposed to the 3-tab 36x12. Unless they are metric 3 tabs

Thanks. That’s what I suspected. Appreciate you confirming this.

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I would advise against that. Spend the $25-$30 for a bundle of shingles that are similar in style and color. An architectural shingle is a strip shingle with another shingle laminated in top. It’s basically a double shingle. You will have gaps on the lateral ends that are twice as high as your existing shingle; inviting wind-driven rain in.

Are you trying to say that butt joints being thicker could lead to issues? If so I will completely disagree. Yeah, in a perfect world I would also replace with the same but if you’ll be redoing the roof soon and you already have access to some arch shingles, there is no issue other than cosmetics.

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Samsolara, is the roof steep or easy to walk?

Go to home depot or ABC buy a bundle of shingles same kind and color give it to the roofer to do the repair. Keep the rest :wink:

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9-12 months life remaining on a roof, 25$ for matching shingles rather than using your neighbor’s dusty old bundle out of his basement? Come on now.

Pitch isn’t too bad. Pretty easy to walk. My old house’s roof was way worse.

I would say that if it is pretty easy to walk, you will have a higher chance of wind driven rain with a storm event. A 6 ounce gulp of water will leave a stain on your ceiling. Just spend the 25 to $30

Itll be fine for a year, just make sure you reseal everything with some tar.
I have done this, for mostly the same reasons. They were getting a roof anyway so didnt care about aesthetics

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Go to menards junk pile, a damaged bundle will cost 5 - 10 dollars. 27 in a bundle, so if half are good…