Any expert advice

I was needing a cheap fix for my porch roof. I replaced some rafters and put down new plywood. It has rolled roofing on the rest of the porch which my wife doesn’t like.(got make mamma happy) I was thinking about using Ondura stuff at lowes. I would like to redo my main roof as well but I’m short on cash after installing 30 windows, 4 doors,32 sq of vinyl siding. Yes my house was a turd it was built in the late 1800’s plus I have 4 kids. So u can see y i’m interested in the ondura stuff for. I live in OHIO so we get cold temps in the winter plus I have a lot trees around my house. Long story short should I save up and do shingles or put ondura or something like it down and hope it will last 10-20 years???short on cash is the key word!LOL

Anything but ondura…

yeah seriously…that stuff is worse than IKO shingles!! my neighbour has it on his barn and i have to fix it for him every year. JUNK!!!

I personally do not like Ondura; however, it would probably be alright for use on your porch. I definitely save up for the shingle roof on the house.

If you use it on your porch though, it is better to use screws than nails, but either way they need to utilize a neoprene grommet. Also, flashing is a problem where you tie-in to the house. Furthermore, it is going to leak in some areas, so make sure you install a layer or two of 30# felt over the plywood before you begin.

As an option on your porch, you may want to look at a 5v-crimp metal panel instead. It is something you can do, but you will probably have to have metal flashings fabricated for you.

Good luck

Thanks guys, I thought it looked pretty junky not a roofer/carpenter I just play 1 on tv lol. I guess I will try my hand at laying down shingles then. any tips or pointers u guys want to give me??? I’m all ears

I guess thats better than all thumbs.

Now, if only you had a pair of hands to go along with them ears.